Young Deaf Singer Blows Simon Away On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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After experiencing a devastating blow, many of us struggle with laying down and not wanting to get back up again. Eventually we have to get up. We face life, find new ways, accept our new limitations, and grow from the experience. Except Mandy Harvey never accepted her limitations. After a connective tissue disorder stole her hearing at 18, the younger singer wasn’t sure she would ever sing again. It’s all she’d wanted to do since she was four-years-old, and the idea of losing a life-long dream was more painful than her limitations, so when she got back up, she decided to find a way. And boy did she! Take a look!

What gave me the biggest chills was how Simon Cowell reacted to Mandy. Simon doesn’t go for schmaltz. He didn’t react because of her illness, but rather because of her talent and because of her incredible achievement. And he was right to. This young woman deserves every bit of accolade, and I know she’s never going to let anything hold her back.

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