Tips To Help You Organize The Garage

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There are many reasons that you might need to clean out and organize the garage. Maybe it’s just gotten a bit too out of hand lately, things keep piling up. Or maybe you have a two car garage but can only fit one in there. If your kids are grown and out of the house, maybe you need to go through and get rid of all of those old outside toys that are taking up space. There are a number of reasons, but the way to do it stays the same.

tips to organize the garage

Tips to Help You Organize The Garage:

Purge purge purge! This is the way to start any organizing project. Go through everything where it is, and get rid of anything that you no longer use or no longer need. Doing this will make the amount that you have to organize a lot smaller. You can choose to get rid of items in any way you would like, toss it out, donate it, have a garage sale, whichever fits your needs best.

Once you have your mass amount of things that can’t be gotten rid of and it’s time to organize, first develop a plan of how you would like to go about this. Do you want to use shelving? Units on the ceiling? Hooks on the walls?

organize the garage

Shelving works well for those who have room on the sides of their garage. Bins can be placed on shelving and all of your smaller items can be placed in those bins. Organize items by what they are. For example, gardening supplies can go in one bin, and holiday décor in another. Label the bins with exactly what is in them and you will never have to hunt around the garage again for that Christmas wreath.

If your garage can not accommodates shelving or you would like to use a mix of both, try out ceiling racks. These can be purchased, or they can be made with some basic tools and lumber. The racks will be attached to the ceiling so that they are out of the way of the cars and the sides of the garage. The same organizing concept works for these units. Be sure to label the bins where you can easily see it from standing below them.

organize the garage

Hooks are perfect for things such as rakes, shovels, and other gardening and yard work tools. These items can rest against the side of the garage of course, but hanging them up makes it look better and keeps things off the ground.

You can use a mix of all three of these ideas, customize them how you would like, and make your garage clean and spiffy for the rest of the year! (Just make sure that the pile doesn’t grow again!)

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  1. I agree that hooks are a great way to organize your garage. I can see how this could help you get things off the ground as well as organizing them and opening space. Sometimes people get so many things in their garages that they just give up on cleaning but I can see that using tools like this can help a garage look cleaner.

  2. I agree, adding shelves to my garage seems like it would help make organizing it easier. There are a bunch of things that need to be placed in bins so that I know where everything is. Putting any smaller items and bins on shelves would help to keep them out of the way so that I can use some floor space for larger items. Thanks for the tips!

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