Today I Am Staying Off The Internet and I Encourage You To Do The Same

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Today is a big day in our country, I’m not going to mention political parties or even names of politicians. Right now, this isn’t about them. This is about human decency and how we treat each other and the world around us.

No blanket statements about any groups of people, that is wrong. We are human beings first and foremost. We need to do better and we need to respect that we are allowed to have different views.

I have already read too many posts from friends on all sides that truly hurt my heart. People called names for having a different opinion, people cut off by friends and family, why?

This used to not be a thing, honestly it used to be really hard to get someone to express their political beliefs to others. That is why everyone was able to be cool with each other, but then along came social media where everyone feels that they can say anything they want. 

Yes, I totally understand getting rid of toxic people. However, just because someone voted differently than you did does not make them a toxic person. It just means they have a different view than you.

Today I am taking the day off of social media. Instead I am going to do things around my house and get ready for the upcoming holidays. I may even get crafty or something with the kids.

I also may go take a long walk away from anywhere with a wifi connection. Maybe we should all do the same? Today is going to be a high tension day on the internet. I’m choosing to extract myself from that so I don’t have to watch any of my friends tear each other down.

We Can Still Be Friends and Disagree on Things

I don’t want to see people spouting off hateful words that they don’t realize or understand at that very moment are hurting people that do indeed care about them. I’ve cleared my space of the truly toxic people that are wishing death upon others that simply have a different viewpoint.

I have friends that stand on every side of this and they are still my friends. We are allowed to be different. 

Don’t hurt people you care about. Don’t destroy other people’s property. Do better, be better! 

Get your emotions in check before you run off at the keyboard today and remember we need each other. It’s ok to have different opinions! I mean, I still hang out with people that eat shellfish, and that stuff can kill me! 

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