Wendy’s Is Replacing Their Strawberry Frosty With A Peppermint Frosty Just In Time For The Holidays

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Wendy’s is bringing out a Peppermint Frosty just in time for the holiday season, and I’m about to do a little holiday happy dance.

It seems like just 5 minutes ago that Wendy’s brought out their sweet and fruity Strawberry Frosty.

But, the Strawberry Frosty is about to get replaced, and replaced in the most delicious way!

I can’t wait to dip my Wendy’s french fries in this yummy holiday treat.

This Peppermint Frosty is going to be made with their classic vanilla Frosty base.

Side Note: You can also get this delicious vanilla Frosty base in the Wendy’s Frosty-ccino, and OMG! If you don’t try it, you aren’t living your best life.

To the classic vanilla Frosty base, they will mix in peppermint syrup to make the Peppermint Frosty. Yum!!

According to several sources, this Christmastime treat will drop into Wendy’s locations on November 15th.

It’s only going to be available for a limited time, so you better get it while you can!!

If you want to swing by Wendy’s once a day during the holiday season to pick up a Peppermint Frosty, I won’t judge.

In fact, I’ll probably join you in the Wendy’s drive-thru line!!

This new limited-edition Peppermint Frosty sounds entirely too good to pass up.

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