Carole Baskin Just Announced She Is Bisexual

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Carole Baskin just can’t keep her face out of the news.

Whether she is fighting with Joe Exotic, dancing on TV, pedaling herself as a voice for your birthday, or coming out as bisexual —

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Yep. That is her new thing. She says she is bisexual, and has known this about herself since the 1980s, when she was spending a lot of time around people in the LGBT+ community.


Carole was supposedly dating a psychologist during the start of the AIDS pandemic (her story, I’m not sure why that’s important), who was spending a lot of time immersed in the LGBT+ community, and she realized she had “feelings” for both men and women.


According to TMZ, she even went as far as saying that she thinks she may have been born in the wrong body, because she has always been a tomboy.

The Big Cat Rescue owner says everything she did as a child was male-oriented … she didn’t have any mothering instincts and never played with dolls, which led her to start thinking something about her was different.


Carole has been married to two men. Her first marriage to Howard Baskin ended in a weird disappearance that had many thinking she fed him to her big cats.

Courtesy of Netflix

Her second marriage is to Don Lewis, but she says she could have totally married a woman instead of Don. Hmmmm. I wonder what Don thinks about that.

Courtesy of Netflix

I mean, she can be whomever she wants, that’s none of my business. But, it really seems like she knows how to keep her name out there and relevant, AMIRITE?!?


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