Here Is The List of States That Have Implemented Stay-At-Home Orders

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More and more states have implemented the stay-at-home order. This number will surely only grow over the next few days.

The first state to do so was California. All nonessential businesses have shut down. Only essential businesses are allowed to be open.

If you need to leave home it can only be for essential activities like grocery shopping and medical care. If you have to go out you are to practice social distancing.

New York was next to issue the order. Only essential businesses can be open. Everyone else must stay home and nonessential businesses are closed. New York will actually fine or jail you for going against the order.

Then came New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois! Then we heard about more counties like Dallas County in Texas.

Now we also have statewide orders for Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and New Mexico.

I know I will probably need to update this in the next few days. It is inevitable at this point. If people would listen to the suggestions that had been given, we would be doing so much better.

So please, listen to the warning given to us by the Surgeon General! This is really important ok? Are a few weeks really too much to ask? Or do you want to drag it on forever as more and more people lose so much?

Please, just STAY HOME.

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