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Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Shuts Down Production Due to Coronavirus

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Dude, everything is shutting down TIGHT! I mean that…everything. Netflix has announced they are also suspending all film and TV production due to the coronavirus.

Among those: Stranger Things!


I’m trying to keep my cool and doing pretty well through silly memes and dark humor.


So basically, all Netflix scripted TV and films (in both the US and Canada) are shut down for the next two weeks starting on Monday the 16th of March.


The reason for doing this is to be in compliance with the bans on large gatherings as well as travel. Also, with the President declaring a national emergency as of today. It’s a bit serious.


Stranger Things is currently in filming and production of its fourth season and now that has been stopped. From what info I have found, that is for at least the next two weeks.


This is added to a growing list (super long already) of series that have paused and delayed production due to the coronavirus. Don’t worry, they’ll be back along with all of your favorite Netflix television shows!


If you need something to do to keep your mind off of things right now, here is a list of scary movies to binge-watch today, Friday the 13th! Pop some popcorn and watch a movie!

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