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Experts Believe Omicron Just Might Bring An End To This Pandemic And I Hope They’re Right

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We were just about to get a handle on COVID — we were hoping for an end to the pandemic in 2022 — but then we were hit with the Omicron Variant, and we are right back in the thick of it.

A whopping 73% of all U.S. cases of the coronavirus are now blamed on Omicron — a number that has Dr. Fauci shaking his head, and exclaiming, “unprecedented.”

HOWEVER, there may be some light at the end of this very long tunnel — the tunnel of COVID.

Researchers are now saying that Omicron just might be the straw that breaks the back of the virus.

What do I mean? Omicron has a crazy high rate of transmission and is a great danger to those unvaccinated and unboostered people.

You might be saying, “So What?”

“As all the public health folks have been saying, it’s going to rip right through the population,” says Dr. David Ho, a world-renowned virologist and Columbia University professor. “Sometimes a rapid-fire could burn through very quickly but then put itself out.”


What they are thinking MIGHT happen is that Omicron is going to get worse for a bit — attacking and sending people to the hospital — and yes, there might be some deaths.

Those that get Omicron and make it, will develop a sort of natural immunity — an immunity that will hopefully be able to withstand the next strain and variant of COVID-19.

Now, this is just a theory, and they are basing this theory on the way that viruses have acted in the past. That being said, COVID is sort of a different monster, and has surprised researchers along the way with its twists and turns.

Researchers are saying that “the ‘best-case scenario’ would be a highly contagious Covid variant that doesn’t make most people particularly sick” but gives a bit of natural immunity to the virus.

And, Omicron just might be the “best-case scenario” that they have been hoping for.

So far, Omicron has been shown to be a relatively mild form of COVID. It may be affecting a TON of people, but the symptoms (so far) haven’t been that of the OG COVID-19 or the Delta Variant.

Still, as long as large portions of the world remain unvaccinated, Covid will keep spreading and mutating, Farber says. That means the pandemic’s future timeline is highly uncertain, even as experts broadly agree that Covid will eventually become an endemic and potentially seasonal disease.


It would probably be like the flu, which was once an endemic seasonal virus that “caused multiple pandemics over the past century.”

So, COVID is something we will have to learn to live with — it will always be around — but doctors will be able to prescribe vaccines and antivirals to combat it on a more regular basis.

“This virus is so well adapted for human-to-human transmission that it’s never going to [go] away,” Brewer says. “There will be periods when there will be more cases and [fewer] cases, just like it occurs with influenza every year.”


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  1. Everyone I know who have this are all vaccinated. The unvaccinated are the ones with mild cold like symptoms. The vaccinated are in the hospitals.