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Watch The Weight Melt Off With This One Easy Dieting Trick!

I feel as if my whole life has been a dieting journey. As a little girl, I never lost the baby fat (my mom is such a liar!), and being a bookworm certainly didn’t help me lose anything through high school or college. Pretty soon life started and somehow I just never figured out that ‘get the weight off’ cureall. Sure, sure, diet and exercise. That phrase has been said to me so many times in my life that if I ever had amnesia, I’m sure the only words I’d remember would be those two: diet and exercise. Still, after a point the exercise part of that phrase gets harder. Somedays nearly impossible. The aches and pains of getting older plus that excess weight make even walks around the block frustratingly difficult. But after years and years, (AND YEARS) I’m Finally losing the weight – and it’s never been easier! Here’s what I’m doing to melt the weight, and I truly hope it works for you, too!

weight loss made easy

Watch The Weight Melt Off With This One Easy Dieting Trick!

So we all know that less calories is key, but who wants to be starving to death all day? Definitely not me. I mean, even if I don’t take a lot of walks or go to the gym, I AM still active and need to have time with my family and energy to work. Over the years I’ve tried pretty much every fad diet and diet supplement available, and overwhelmingly I’m either still hungry, or they just plain don’t work.

This is NOT the same.

So I end up starving most of the day while I actually need energy, and by the time I eat the ‘sensible dinner’, I’m so famished that I end up eating like it’s Thanksgiving and going to bed feeling miserable. Nobody likes that.

Plus, all that food I just ate ends up sitting in my stomach all night while I sleep and I inevitably wake up feeling bloated, miserable, and ready to give up altogether.

What, then, is the solution?

It’s actually pretty simple…or at least it was for me. And I’m so mad at myself for not thinking about it sooner!

Instead of eating light meals all day and one big meal at night (which, c’mon, we all do it), I now eat sensible meals all day and have my light meal at dinner time!

So for breakfast I might have scrambled eggs, toast, juice…you know, a nice filling breakfast. For lunch I eat what I’d traditionally eat for supper. And then for supper I eat either a salad with a small piece of fish or chicken, or a diet shake.

The first night I did this I was a little hungrier than normal by bedtime, but not as much as I thought I’d be.

By the time I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t as bloated as usual, I had energy, and I happily ate a nice filling breakfast.

That night, after eating well all day, I wasn’t even hungry for a big dinner. I ended up having a smoothie and went to bed not hungry at all.

Next morning, felt even better and even more energy.

So I know this is easy and you’re probably thinking it won’t work because it’s so easy, but I’d challenge you to try it for a week. Tell me you don’t feel way better after eating like this for a week. Plus, since you can regulate how many calories you’re taking in all day, you won’t end up binging at dinner time and you WILL lose weight!

Good luck and please, let me know how it works out for you in the comments below!



Friday 3rd of June 2016

I just started doing a similar thing about two weeks ago and while i havent really notice weight loss i do feel motivated and energized. I also love that, while for me, dinner time is the most stressful time with cooking, cleaning, and kids bath so i have been making dinner at lunch time and i eat my big meal then and when its actually dinner time i reheat my hubbys and kids dinners so that eliminated some of the stress at dinner time.. No cooking and pots and pans where cleaned :)