Your Kid Can Be A Bulldozer For Halloween, Complete With Sound Effects

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Ya’ll have GOT the check this out! Party City is on FIRE this year! They have the CUTEST costumes, including these costumes that have sound effects!

How fun is this! My kids would eat it up, and beg for more. Check out that bulldozer! It has my son written all over it!

Via Party City

They also have these super-cute costumes, that … wait for it … double as a Halloween basket! The candy goes in the mouth of the costume! O…M…G!

Via Party City

I’ve seen costumes like this for adults, but not for children. I laughed so hard when I saw these!

They blow up, and it looks like the kid is suspended in the air (but, spoiler, they really aren’t).

Via Party City

Seriously!! How funny are these?!? My tween would love these costumes. They are more adult than the cutesy costumes, but not too adult that they aren’t whimsical and fun.

Via Party City

If your child wants a little more action, they also have Halloween costumes that will take them from normal kid to action packed hero in a matter of seconds!

Via Party City

I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. I had to throw this one in here. They have baby sharks … Mommy, Daddy, and Baby.

Your toddler is about to go insane over dressing up for Halloween (and, you will have that song stuck in your head for a year)!

Via Party City

Don’t fret if you can’t run on out to Party City today. You can also pick up these costumes online at

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