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Aldi Is Selling Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins That’ll Help You Make The Perfect Halloween Dessert Board

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Your Halloween Dessert Food Board is about to get a fantastic facelift, a game changing delicious burst of decadence that can only come when you add Aldi’s Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins.

Food Boards are all the rage right now, and for good reason! What started as just a cheese board, has blossomed into Fry Boards, Pancake Boards, Birthday Cake Boards, and even these festive and fun Halloween Candy Boards!!


All it takes is a trip to Aldi to stock up on Halloween supplies, and you’ll have a Halloween Dessert Board made in minutes!!


Aldi makes it super simple, by bringing you these Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins, which — let’s get real — will go with ANYTHING.

You had me at Belgian Chocolate!!


These Belgian Chocolate Pumpkin Bon Bons come in an assorted box, which includes: Crispy Milk Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Cream, Dark Chocolate Cream, Salted Caramel, and Coffee Ganache.


There is not one word in that entire box of Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins that I don’t like!


These delicious pumpkins are the perfect size to satisfy that chocolate candy craving that only grows stronger with the Halloween season — you know what I’m talking about!


You can find these Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins right on the aisles of your local Aldi store. They are about $3 for the entire box — which means it’s time to stock up!!


Seriously, if you don’t take advantage of the season, and make a fun Halloween Dessert Board, you are missing the boat!! Make sure you add these fun pumpkins! They will be the highlight of the whole thing!!


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