35 Cheesy Recipes. Cheese Louise!

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Here at Totally The Bomb we think cheddar is better. This IS how we fondue it. When it comes to brie, it’s for me. Seriously, you gouda try these 35 cheesy recipes because we curd through the grapevine that your life wasn’t punny enough yet.

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35 Cheesy Recipes. Cheese Louise!

1. You cheddar be kidding me with how amazing this ranch cheddar chicken is. How did I exist before?

2. There is nothing little about the taste of cheesy grits and butter garlic shrimp.

3. This cheesy chicken Doritos casserole has a crunch that’ll bite back.

4. Cheesy tortellini spinach bake makes my knees quake.

5. If cheeseburger stuffed mushrooms were human, he’d be a fungi.

6. The supreme quart is gallon session…and they have ruled in favor of homemade whole milk cheese.

7. You might want to asiago your own way, but not until after you’ve made these asiago cheese crisps.

8. Is it hard to make this grilled cheese? No, it’s caprese.

9. Don’t settle for an impasta. This cheesy chicken spaghetti is LEGIT.

10. You should head on clove-r…we’re making cheesy garlic bread tonight!

11. The feta is betta in this strawberry spinach salad with caramelized bacon vinaigrette.

12. Holy macaroni! These gluten free chili mac bites are perfect for little mouths.

13. You cheddar bet we know what makes this chunky 7 layer dip so delicious.

14. We’re giving you parmesan to eat these chicken parmesan nuggets in front of your friends and not share a single bite.

15. That song you were singing earlier…could you hummus a line while we make these hummus turkey wraps?

16. I’m bacon you to make cheesy bacon oven chips with chipotle before this week is over.

18. Taters gonna tate, but no one can tate these baked cheesy ranch potatoes.

18. We asked this cheesy bread if it was hungry, but it said it was stuffed.

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19. This grilled cheesy buffalo chicken wanted to take a trip. We asked how he planned to travel. He said he’d wing it.

20. Don’t let dinner run a fowl. Make cheesy stuffed chicken, instead.

21. In quesadilla know, ultimate breakfast quisadilla’s are good for lunch and dinner, too.

22. No one can be angry at this one skillet cheesy beef and macaroni.

23. Did you have au gratin day? Let this cheese cauliflower gratin cheer you up.

24. I’m bacon you to try this cheesy chicken bacon broccoli pasta.

25. You can enchilada-round questions about what’s for dinner, or you could just make these white chicken enchiladas.

26. So how is this shrimp and creamy cheesy grits really? Grits fine. Real fine.

27. Loaded potato soup is a soupurb way to up your dinner game.

28. You might think you ricotta get outta this place, but you haven’t tried the cheesy ricotta stuffed shells yet.

29. Why even broth-er making soup if you can’t make it in the slow cooker like this slow cooker broccoli cheese soup.

30. There isn’t mushroom for anything but deliciousness with this  mushroom roasted garlic quinoa.

31. I artichoke you if you don’t have this spinach and artichoke dip  at your next party.

32. What kind of games do potatoes play at parties (after they’ve eaten their cheesy hash brown potatoes, of course)? Hash-tag.

33. You should call us butter ’cause we’re on a roll with these puns. Also, these easy cheesy pull apart rolls right into your mouth it’s so good.

34. What was Bilbo Baggins cheesy nephew’s name? Shrimp Alfrodo.

35. You might have thought all these cheese puns were cock-a-mamie in the beginning, but you’re baking us not to stop now that we’re at the end, huh. Here’s one last delicious recipe for you to try: cheesy spinach mushroom chicken bake.

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  1. Haha, these are really good cheese puns! I know because I write about puns quite a bit. Thanks for the inspiration! – Sam

  2. Great cheese recipe I have found on the web. Now, I can try it for my husband. Really thanks for sharing awesome cheese recipes.

    Keep it up.


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