There’s Now A ‘Gorilla Glue Challenge’ and I Just Can’t Deal

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Ya know, after the whole tide pod fiasco, I really thought people would read labels and never do stupidly dangerous stuff again.

But then there comes the woman that put Gorilla Glue in her hair and I was shocked.

And even after her story and multiple updates about the pain and problems she went through, I am shocked to learn that people have NOT learned their lesson.

In fact, one guy used Gorilla Glue to glue a cup to his mouth.

Another used Gorilla Glue in their hair

So, here we are – There’s Now A ‘Gorilla Glue Challenge’ and I Just Can’t Deal. Like, I am literally speechless.

The Gorilla Glue Challenge is the latest social media “challenge” that has gained traction on TikTok.

If you search the hashtag “Gorilla Glue Challenge” on the app, it has gained 8.2 million views in total, users have been using the hashtag for a variety of reasons.

The “challenge” involves people either using Gorilla Glue as a cosmetic product in different ways, or using the hashtag to raise awareness of the dangers that come with using the adhesive on your body to deter people from doing it.

FYI, Gorilla Glue has a 19-page document on how dangerous it is.


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Some people are even using it to permanently apply false eyelashes.

You guys! This should be NOWHERE near your eyes and could cause you to go blind! OMG!

I really cannot believe we are here where people have nothing better to do than do a stupid challenge using dangerous adhesive.

Seriously, people please stop being this stupid.

It’s not cute or funny and it’s not a way you can make a quick buck. Stop doing it! Ugh!

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