This Nurse Shows How You Can Still Spread Germs While Wearing Gloves

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There is a nurse, Molly Lixey, who has put out a video that really sheds light on the fact that gloves can STILL contaminate all the things, and she is spot on!

Courtesy of Molly Lixey on Facebook

When I go to Walmart, I see so many people wearing gloves. Latex gloves, winter gloves, dishwashing gloves, even plastic bags wrapped around people’s hand that are supposed to act as gloves.

I also see these same individuals scratching their noses, talking on their phones, touching all the produce, touching products, and generally using their gloved hands like they weren’t even covered.

THEN, these gloved individuals usually don’t have any idea how to properly remove their gloves. They easily cross contaminate their hands while taking off the gloves — and that defeats the purpose of the gloves, AMIRITE?!?

The CDC website DOES have a graphic that shows how to safely remove gloves, but PEOPLE — your skin is a natural barrier. You are just as safe — probably MORE safe — NOT WEARING GLOVES, and washing your hands more frequently.

Gloves can give people a false sense of security, and those gloved individuals may unknowingly and carelessly spread all the germs — even worse than if they went gloveless, and just washed their hands a lot.

Courtesy of Molly Lixey on Facebook

You might be thinking, “But doctors and nurses wear gloves, they must work!” Yes, doctors and nurses wear the gloves, in the patient’s room, for THAT SPECIFIC patient, and just during patient care.

They remove these gloves, and Wash Their Hands BEFORE going to the next room, as not to spread germs around.

Wearing gloves around a grocery store, just spreads germs around that store. The same way NOT wearing gloves would spread the germs. It’s better to just WASH YOUR HANDS.

See Molly’s video about wearing gloves while shopping, below.

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