11 Types of Video Games Parents Should Know

what parents should know about video games

I was listening to a parenting podcast the other day and they mentioned a few terms for video games parents probably don’t know. The idea that I wouldn’t know what a MMO was actually made me laugh out loud, but then I realized that they are totally right! People who don’t spend giant portions of their […]

Minecraft Creeper Chocolate Candy

minecraft creeper chocolate candy

Kids LOVE Minecraft…and they will LOVE you when you make this Minecraft Creeper Chocolate Candy. Whether for a Minecraft-themed party, or just an afternoon snack this treat is delicious and easy to make. Want more Minecraft fun? Check out these 30 Awesome & Easy Minecraft Party Ideas. Enjoy! What You Need To Make Minecraft Creeper […]

25+ Mario Party Ideas

Mario Party Feature

I don’t know if I’ve confessed this (recently), but I love Mario. He was like my first real intro into the world of gaming and he was instantly my friend–who’s grown with me and evolved with my whole family! I just straight-up love the little Italian plumber, which is why I’m planning a Mario Party in […]

10 Ways to Talk with a Tween Boy

Ways to talk to a tween boy Feature

Here’s the thing. It’s not that tweens (boys in particular) don’t want to talk. They just don’t know how. Their brains are still developing and they just need to be taught how to open-up. To get you thinking, here’s 10 ways to Talk with a Tween Boy that will TOTALLY work, if you give them […]